Vendere Partners to Acquire Content Marketing Firm, Shumway, Ink.

DALLAS, TX, January 29, 2014 — Vendere Partners, a leading B2B sales and marketing agency, today announced that it is in the process of acquiring Shumway, Ink., an Austin-based content marketing company that provides professional writing and marketing services to B2B and B2C companies nationwide. The acquisition will become a new Vendere business division, headed by Bronmin Shumway, founder and president of Shumway, Ink. The division will serve as the cornerstone of Vendere’s converged sales and marketing expansion strategy.

Shumway, Ink. has been a Vendere partner since late 2011. When Vendere experienced a 20% increase in annual revenue in 2013, Vendere founders Jim Alkire and Sean O’Neil noted Shumway, Ink.’s contributions and recognized the potential for greater growth.

“Shumway, Ink.’s content marketing abilities have certainly contributed to our growth,” said O’Neil. “Year over year, we continue to reinvent ourselves to stay ahead of the competition and add value to the customer. We also share the tools and best practices we develop with our customers so that they can share in our success. We believe acquiring Bronmin and her team will enable us to provide a great deal of value to our customers moving forward.”

Continued O’Neil, “We are most excited about the results we’ve achieved by converging Shumway, Ink.’s content marketing services with our core lead generation and sales services. We’ve managed to all but eliminate the gaps that exist between traditional sales and marketing departments—not just internally, but for our clients.”

In 2013, Vendere and Shumway, Ink. worked together to develop IRENE™, an automated e-mail marketing methodology that is now being utilized to build brand awareness, drive sales and generate revenue for some of the world’s largest B2B technology companies and their many channel partners. Vendere’s founders anticipate that with the acquisition of Shumway, Ink. and the addition of more innovative services like IRENE™, Vendere will experience a 40% increase (based on its current customer base) in revenue in 2014.

“In our space, most companies either sell lists, leads or telemarketing. We plan on doing so much more,” explained O’Neil. “By converging Shumway, Ink.’s content marketing services with Vendere’s core services, we’re already creating comprehensive sales and marketing packages that deliver excellent results, fast.”

Acquiring Shumway, Ink. and creating a new content marketing division will enable Vendere to provide its clients with an even more robust suite of writing and marketing services, including content marketing strategy development and publishing services. Traditionally, sales and marketing or lead generation agencies look for list providers or other lead generation organizations to acquire; Vendere is seeking to complement its core services and serve a broader customer base.

Shumway gave her reasons for joining the Vendere team. Said Shumway, “Our organizations have a shared vision based on putting the customers’ needs first and a deep understanding of the current market. Vendere’s lead generation capabilities and sales solutions are able to make the most out of my team’s content. I expect joining the Vendere family formally to be rewarding on a number of levels.”

Vendere’s acquisition of Shumway, Ink. will be finalized by February 3, 2014. Vendere’s new content marketing division will be based in Austin, TX.

About Vendere Partners:

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Vendere Partners works with global and national clients to drive revenue by providing B2B lead generation, converged sales and marketing, sales management consulting and B2B sales outsourcing services. For more than a decade, Vendere has successfully engaged in lead generation and sales and marketing campaigns with technology, life science, manufacturing/distributing, energy, and niche B2B companies. Vendere’s proprietary database holds information on more than 30,000,000 contacts. All of Vendere’s solutions and services are designed to be measurable and result in quantifiable data. For more information, visit

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