Shumway, Ink.’s e-marketing services include writing content for e-newsletters, e-blasts, and social media.  The Shumway, Ink. team can also assist you with developing templates for e-newsletters and e-blasts, graphic design, e-mail delivery, and contact list management.  Social media services include the set up of social media pages, the posting of written content and relevant graphics, and the delivery of visitor analytics.

Engaging in e-marketing is a relatively inexpensive way to deliver your messages to those who already have an interest in your product or service. It can also be a challenge, particularly if you don’t have experienced, marketing-savvy writers on staff.  Shumway, Ink. gives you the ability to outsource the bulk of your e-marketing tasks so that you can focus your team on making the most out of the results rather than on development and execution.

Breakdown of Benefits

By relying on Shumway, Ink. to fulfill your e-marketing needs, you will be able to:

  • easily incorporate e-marketing campaigns into your big-picture sales and marketing plans,
  • present consistent messaging in order to help build your brand,
  • keep your internal team focused on your core products and services rather than on e-marketing tasks,
  • share company and industry news with your target audiences quickly and effectively,
  • turn your e-marketing efforts into tools that actually increase sales,
  • create more opportunities for dialog with your current clients, partners, and prospects,
  • use analytics to determine what’s working and what isn’t, and
  • trust that the content you’re providing is top-notch, relevant, and in alignment with your company’s brand and goals.

Notable Accomplishments

The e-newsletters Shumway, Ink. developed on behalf of one of its clients became so popular with its recipients that the client began receiving requests for more e-news; specifically, the client received requests for industry information that might directly impact operations.  Shumway, Ink. developed an e-blast template for the company, and currently delivers weekly e-blasts containing up-to-date industry news directly to the company’s clients and other interested parties.

The e-blasts Shumway, Ink. develops on behalf of its clients have enabled multiple companies to propel prospects into next phases of the sales cycle and increase closings.  Shumway, Ink.’s e-blasts have also succeeded in helping companies increase event attendance, build product and service awareness, deliver timely information to companies’ clients regarding changes in technologies, processes, and functions, and deliver personalized messages to specific lists of sales prospects and leads.

Social Media Content
Shumway, Ink.’s social media content services have proven most effective when paired with its other services.  Any time the Shumway, Ink. team develops written materials for a client that are presented publicly, social media content is generated that supports the visibility of those materials.  Through social media, the Shumway, Ink. team has succeeded in improving the dialog between companies and their clients, partners, and prospects.