Web Content

If you need to create content for a new website, add new pages to your existing website, or edit your current website content, Shumway, Ink. can help.  Shumway, Ink.’s website content generation and editing services are customizable and adaptable.  Whether you need help branding your business with content that is in better alignment with your goals, adding new landing pages that cater to current clients or prospects, or overhauling out-of-date and tired content, Shumway, Ink. can complete your project easily and affordably.  Shumway, Ink. also provides ongoing content maintenance.  If you need to post news items, add information about new products or services, or post articles and press releases to your website on a regular basis, we will work within your content management system (CMS) or administration tool to complete these tasks in a timely fashion.

Shumway, Ink.’s blog content services extend well beyond that of the majority of its competitors.  At Shumway, Ink., we understand that compelling the average website visitor to follow a company’s blog is extremely challenging.  We assist companies that are unable to dedicate a lot of time and resources to managing their blogs by providing them with regular blog content, associated graphics, visitor comment management services, and analytics.  If your current blog is lackluster or isn’t of any real benefit to your company, you can transform it into a marketing tool that starts providing you with real value in a matter of days by partnering with Shumway, Ink. now.

Breakdown of Benefits

When companies develop their website and blog content in house, they usually rely on several people in various departments to contribute material.  Relying on multiple sources for content can lead to disorganization and inconsistent messaging.  Shumway, Ink. remedies these problem by providing:

  • well-written website content that is in alignment with your brand,
  • ongoing website content maintenance,
  • complete website content management by a web-savvy team that can work within your CMS or admin tool,
  • compelling blog content delivered to you via e-mail as often as needed or posted directly to your website,
  • blog graphics,
  • blog visitor comment management services, and
  • blog analytics.

Notable Accomplishments

Website Content
Shumway, Ink. developed the site plan and content for a well-established, mid-size company’s new website.  Shumway, Ink. worked directly with the company’s third-party website design firm to develop a sensible flow to the website and performed rewrites and provided new content as changes to the site were made.  In addition to developing the main website content, Shumway, Ink. rewrote the content for the company’s sales kit and other marketing materials to ensure consistency in content quality across the board.

Blog Content
Shumway, Ink. recommended a company change from one blog provider to another, and then oversaw the data transfer.  By making manual adjustments to text and images that had lost their formatting during the automated crossover, Shumway, Ink. ensured that the quality of the blog remained intact after the switch.  Prior to the switch, the company had zero followers and less than a handful of comments; today, the company has several followers who make regular comments.  Shumway, Ink. continues to provide the company with regular blog content and visitor comment management services.

Social Media Content
Shumway, Ink. took a start-up company’s list of sales contacts and searched for each contact on LinkedIn and Facebook and made as many connections and gained as many followers on behalf of the company as possible.  In conjunction with the company’s blog posts, Shumway, Ink. currently makes posts twice a week on the company’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages.