Video Content

Whether you need scripts for your company’s webinar, multi-media PowerPoint presentation, or video, Shumway, Ink. can help you develop the dialog that will deliver your unique message in a powerful way.

When you’re trying to create a dialog with prospects from a distance, it can be a challenge to communicate your pitch or describe your product or service in a personal, professional, and meaningful manner.

Shumway, Ink. is committed to helping you nurture long-distance relationships with prospects and clients by developing dialog that enhances the visual messages you’re sending to prospects at home and abroad. We will work with you to ensure that any written or oral content included in your national or international audio-visual presentations is understandable, relatable, and reaches your target audiences on a personal level.

Breakdown of Benefits

Shumway, Ink.’s video content services include providing:

  • scripts that complement any visual presentation,
  • structured outlines for joint or group discussions,
  • oral presentations that are tailored to suit specific audiences, and
  • the ability to adapt presentation scripts into sales scripts that can be used to enhance tele-sales and marketing campaigns.

For information on GoNews Austin and Shumway, Ink.’s video production services, click here.

Notable Accomplishments

Shumway, Ink. helped a mid-size company develop the script for its graphic video.  By making sure that the script would continue to be relevant years after the video was made, Shumway, Ink.’s writers were able to help the company get the most out of the investment it made in the video’s production.  The video was completed in 2009.  The company continues to use the video as a sales and marketing tool today.