Corporate Materials

Corporate materials include requests for proposal/pricing, manuals, training materials, style guides, and much more.

B2B companies, in particular, can benefit greatly by being assisted with the development of corporate materials. Training and other materials can help you improve efficiency and service levels within your organization. Materials that can be distributed to clients throughout the course of engagement, or materials that will serve as deliverables that your clients will be able to use for their own purposes, can help you keep accounts and bring added value to your business.

If you have great sales and marketing materials, but aren’t able to present clients with follow-up materials that are on par with what they saw when you were making your pitch, you can find yourself in real trouble. You work hard to win accounts; don’t risk losing valued clients by distributing materials that don’t match the quality of those that helped you win the account.

Shumway, Ink.’s scope of work goes well beyond that of the majority of its competitors. We will not only provide you with the materials you need to attract prospects and gain publicity, but with the things you need to keep accounts once engagements are underway.