Developing e-newsletters that offer value to current and prospective clients consistently can be a challenge, particularly if your company or department has limited resources.

Shumway, Ink. develops e-newsletter content in a variety of ways. When clients elect to use Shumway, Ink.’s article and blog writing services, for example, the Shumway, Ink. team will include the most current article and blog post in the e-newsletter, in addition to developing content that is unique to the e-newsletter and will round out the overall message being delivered. The Shumway, Ink. team also develops messaging for specific company executives and sales representatives when a company’s marketing strategy calls for making personal connections through e-marketing.

All Shumway, Ink. e-newsletters are customized according to the needs of the client. We will work with you to determine your e-marketing needs and what types of e-newsletter content will work best for your business.