Social Media

Facebook now has nearly 1 billion users worldwide. Twitter has about 500 million users, and LinkedIn, close to 150 million. Over 71 million people visited Yelp in Q1 2012, and foursquare now has a community of over 20 million worldwide.

There’s no doubt about it: social media is powerful stuff.

At Shumway, Ink., we take the guesswork out of social media marketing. We can set up your social networking profiles and pages, push out regular posts that work in conjunction with your overall marketing plan, and provide you with regular reports that reflect the effectiveness of your social media marketing and networking efforts.

We offer several competitive social media pricing packages. Whether you need to start your social networking initiative from scratch or already have a social networking program in place, we will work with you to determine how aggressively your company should pursue social media marketing and related e-commerce opportunities.