Website Content

When you’re trying to cut down on costs, it can be tempting to opt to develop your website content in house, or to rely on website designers who don’t specialize in website content development to deliver your company’s message for you. While you may save money in the short term, the long-term effects of settling for inadequate or ineffective content can be quite costly.

You would never consider showing up to an important business meeting in a jogging suit. Bad website content is the online equivalent of a jogging suit. It can quash a sale before you get an opportunity to explain the true value of what it is that you’re bringing to the table.

At Shumway, Ink., in addition to developing content prior to the launch of a new website, we frequently revise website content after a company has developed initial content that is not encouraging visitors, representing its offerings properly, is not in alignment with its brand, or simply needs to be made current.

If your company needs to develop entirely new content or update its current content, Shumway, Ink. is at your service. Our writers are prepared to work with your website designers, graphic designers, and search engine optimization specialists to turn out effective, professional content in a timely manner.

At Shumway, Ink., no jogging suits are allowed.