Blog Content

Posting exciting blog content on a regular basis can be taxing on any company. Most growing companies begin blogs with a lot of momentum, and then, when other tasks take precedence, wind up posting blog posts that are sub-par or of little value. Posts become sporadic and redundant.

The sobering truth is that if your company has a blog for the sake of having a blog, but isn’t taking advantage of all that a blog can do to help your business attract new prospects, increase SEO, build its reputation, and create a dialog within its industry, it may as well not have a blog at all.

Shumway, Ink. can provide you with regular blog content that is relevant to your company and industry. We do not outsource blog writing to third parties. All Shumway, Ink. blog writers work and live in the US. At all times, clients are able to communicate directly with Shumway, Ink. project managers regarding content and related marketing initiatives.

Shumway, Ink. is willing and able to work with your website developers, designers, and SEO specialists to develop blog posts that contain the right keywords and meet your company’s technical requirements. Our blog writers are not just writers, but researchers. Our team will work with you to uncover all of the things that will enable you to make your company’s blog a stand-out success.