About Us

Headquartered in Austin, TX, Shumway, Ink., LLC provides professional writing, marketing, and publishing services to companies and organizations throughout the US.

Shumway, Ink. serves nearly every major industry, and has had notable success within B2B sectors. All Shumway, Ink. writers are award-winning, published writers with experience in marketing, publicity, and the technology required to assist clients in achieving high returns on their marketing investments.

Shumway, Ink. is a full-service content generation company. The processes the Shumway, Ink. team uses to extract information from clients and translate that information into sales and marketing tools require that each staff writer be a researcher and market analyst in addition to being a top-notch writer. The experienced graphic designers and social media specialists on staff add major contributions to Shumway, Ink.’s core offerings. Shumway, Ink. representatives act as extensions of companies’ sales and marketing teams.

At Shumway, Ink., we are committed to ensuring that clients are never left wondering what to do with the content they receive. If you don’t already have the in-house resources needed to make the most out of the content the Shumway, Ink. team provides, suggestions, recommendations, and added services will be made available to you through Shumway, Ink. or its distinguished partners, which include website design and sales lead generation firms.

Shumway, Ink. was founded by writer and award-winning poet Bronmin Shumway in 2012. Bronmin’s business model includes investing in each staff member’s unique creative writing goals and projects. By investing in her staff, Bronmin ensures that every member of her team has a vested interest in giving his or her best to each and every Shumway, Ink. client. In addition to being president of Shumway, Ink., Bronmin currently serves as vice president of the Austin Poetry Society.