GoNews Austin

GoNews Austin, or GoNews, is an alternative Austin business news resource. While GoNews caters to business-to-business and technology-focused organizations, almost any business can be a GoNews participant.

Let us help you share your success story. If you have an upcoming event or a new product, service, or innovation that you’d like to share, we’ll spread the word. You get to choose how you’d like to get your message out; we do all the work!

You can have your piece of news introduced at the top of our GoNews broadcast as a headline, or take things a step further and have your company representative interviewed at the GoLab, Shumway, Ink.’s office space downtown on Austin’s famed 6th Street. If you don’t want to stop there, we’ll create a custom feature presentation that showcases your business in an unforgettable way.

GoNews videos are automatically posted on multiple social networks and blogs. The videos can also be delivered to you via e-mail for distribution in any way you see fit.

Meet the Host

Rochelle Grossman
Rachelle Grossman is a communications powerhouse. As a journalist, spokesperson, producer, writer, editor, actor, show host and award-winning newscaster, she has successfully managed numerous television, radio and online broadcasts and marketing videos—on camera and behind the scenes. Rachelle has initiated and implemented countless public relations and marketing initiatives for large enterprises such as community hospitals and private schools, as well as for small businesses seeking to increase sales through better media coverage. Rachelle helps companies achieve positive publicity, name recognition, and much more through extensive research, brand targeting, management consultation, and, most importantly, by helping companies earn trust and gain credibility. As the host of GoNews and as Shumway, Ink.’s director of public and media relations, Rachelle makes use of her vast experience and skills by developing public relations and marketing solutions for clients every day.

Contact Shumway, Ink. to learn how Rachelle and the Shumway, Ink. team can start fulfilling your organization’s public relations, media coverage, and video production needs now.