In addition to ghost writing articles and assisting with the publication of articles in appropriate trade magazines and other media outlets, the Shumway, Ink. team is equipped to handle the writing, marketing, and publishing of e-books and full-length print books. We can help you develop manuscripts of any size, whether you need them for internal use, plan to distribute them to your clients or partners, or have a message that you want to make available to the world.

Breakdown of Benefits

Shumway, Ink.’s publishing services include:

  • helping you to determine your best publishing options,
  • developing a calendar of events that will enable you to create and prepare for deadlines and milestones,
  • writing, ghost writing, editing, or proofreading full-length manuscripts,
  • providing scalable design, typesetting, layout, and printing services,
  • uncovering your target markets and optimal distribution channels,
  • advertising, marketing, and promoting your manuscript,
  • manuscript/book sales management services, and
  • order fulfillment options and services.

Notable Accomplishments

Through producing, advertising, and marketing a number of e-publications for various clients, Shumway, Ink. has developed modern processes that make e-publishing simple for novices and e-publishing-savvy clients alike. Shumway, Ink.’s graphic designers, SEO specialists, and trusted e-publishing partners maximize the potential of its customers’ e-books.

Print Publishing
Shumway, Ink. assisted the owner of a mid-size B2B company with the development of a comprehensive outline for a full-length non-fiction work by conducting and recording interviews with the owner, analyzing his company’s strengths, and, through extensive research, gaining a thorough understanding of the audiences his book should target. Shumway, Ink. was able to incorporate the book into the company’s marketing overall plan in a way that made its potential to set the company apart from its competitors clear.