Public Relations

In order to set your business apart from its competitors, you need to be able to set industry trends rather follow them. To do this, you have to present your business as a thought leader by rising above prospects’ expectations through marketing collateral and public and media relations that showcase a clear point of view.

Does your firm provide added services and benefits to its employees, actively support its community, or regularly donate time and money to charitable organizations? You may be able to do even more positive works, achieve a better, wider reputation, and earn more clients by publicizing your firm’s efforts to be a socially responsible business.

Are you operating within the healthcare industry? Whether your healthcare organization consists of one clinic, multiple clinics, or is a global biotech, life science, pharmaceutical, or medical product manufacturing enterprise, Shumway, Ink. can help you grow and adjust your professional and public image in accordance with emerging trends, technologies, and products.

Is your company making the most of its most valuable assets—its employees? If not, Shumway, Ink. can help you build your brand internally in order to improve morale, increase internal communications and productivity, and mobilize your employees as brand ambassadors.

Shumway, Ink. can also help you improve relations with your investors and partners, influence public perception of any external or internal crisis that may threaten your organization, and provide you with valuable market intelligence.

Breakdown of Benefits

Shumway, Ink.’s public relations services include:

  • coordinating and supporting local, state, and national media relations,
  • pitching stories and securing positive news coverage across all mediums, including broadcast, print, online, and social media,
  • initiating and nurturing strong relationships within all types of media outlets,
  • developing the appropriate responses to media inquiries,
  • promoting your brand, reputation, and innovation efforts in consumer and business media,
  • assisting leadership with the development of media relations strategies in order to develop marketing and sponsorship opportunities,
  • brand management counseling,
  • media training and coaching,
  • providing you with the right company spokesperson to handle media presentations and interviews on behalf of company executives and other figures,
  • special event coordination, and
  • creating and maintaining a master list or database of relevant media contacts.

Notable Accomplishments

Shumway, Ink.’s next notable accomplishment will be your upcoming public and media relations campaign!