If you have something to say, but don’t have the time or resources you need to effectively deliver your message to the media, Shumway, Ink. can help.

When you put forth articles that pertain to your industry through the right publications, readers and subscribers consider you an authority in your field.  You are considered an expert because the media considers you an expert.

The Shumway, Ink. team is adept at determining which article topics and what type of article content you need to reach your target markets via national and international publications.  We don’t create your message for you; we simply act as the mouthpiece that delivers your message in the best, most effective way possible.  Our ghostwriters write articles that increase visibility through print and online media on behalf of executives, sales representatives, and professionals across the nation.

In addition to increasing your business’s visibility by seeing your articles through to publication, we increase your visibility by turning any article we write on your behalf into collateral that supports to your internal marketing efforts.  We can help you promote your published articles through your website, e-newsletters, blog, and social media pages with ease.