Case Studies

Case studies describe the specific ways in which a client has benefitted from a company’s products or services. Shumway, Ink. offers two versions of case studies: publishable case studies and marketing case studies.

Publishable case studies are written in a style that editors of magazines or journals will accept. They are presented to the public via the media. Publishable case studies give companies added credibility, make products and services known to a wide audience, and send a clear message to sales prospects.

Marketing case studies tend to be shorter and flashier than publishable case studies. They are written expressly for target markets and for use in specific sales campaigns. Information is whittled down so that sales leads can easily determine the benefits of the products or services featured in the case study. Marketing case studies are noticeably sales-driven.

Publishable and marketing case studies can be added to company websites, included in sales kits, and delivered easily via e-mail and direct mail.