Putting forth quality articles, case studies, white papers, and press releases on a regular basis can help you take your business to the next level.  If the tasks associated with developing the content for those items and other content-heavy sales/marketing materials are too impractical or costly to complete internally, outsourcing them to qualified content generators like those at Shumway, Ink. can be a smart and cost-effective way to achieve specific sales and marketing goals that may be impractical for your company to achieve in house.

Breakdown of Benefits

Shumway, Ink.’s ghostwriters, copywriters, and content generation specialists are experienced in taking the expertise that exists within companies and turning it into sales and marketing tools that result in:

  • more search engine listings,
  • greater visibility within specific sectors,
  • better, more effective sales and marketing tools,
  • better odds of being included in prospective clients’ requests for proposal/pricing,
  • more opportunities to capture visitor data, and
  • more opportunities to take part in industry dialogs.

Whether your company is big or small, it can benefit from outsourcing content-heavy sales and marketing tasks to Shumway, Ink.  Recruiting, hiring, training, and managing employees to support sales and marketing departments is costly, and can put a real strain on a company’s internal resources.   Shumway, Ink. puts small and mid-size companies on the map affordably, and allows large companies to complete specific content-heavy tasks cost-effectively.

Notable Accomplishments

An article written by a Shumway, Ink. ghostwriter that was published in a trade magazine on the behalf of a president and CEO resulted in a request by a Fortune 100 company to use a quote from the article in its internal sales and marketing materials.  The article also helped increase the client’s search engine listings from a handful of listings to several pages of listings.

Case Studies
A case study written by a Shumway, Ink. writer and published in a trade magazine resulted in requests for a mid-size company to participate in multiple requests for proposal/pricing (RFPs).  Shumway, Ink. edited the company’s RFP responses.  As a result of combined efforts, the company was able to win an international airport as a new client.

White Papers
After a white paper Shumway, Ink. developed for a mid-size company was published in a major trade magazine, the article was picked up by several other trade magazines, written about by bloggers, and cited in others’ articles.  The white paper ended up being the company’s single most effective sales and marketing tool in 2011.

Press Releases
A press release a Shumway, Ink. staff writer wrote and distributed on behalf of a start-up company upped the company’s search engine listings from three to fifteen in less than two weeks.  Prior to the distribution of the press release, the company had been virtually unknown.  After the press release was distributed, the company’s online presence began to rise to the level of its competitors.