Technical Writing

Why is your company important?  What makes it different?  What are its strengths?  How does it measure up against its competitors?

Your company’s sales and marketing materials, which include its brochures, sales presentations, trade show materials, and much more, are the things answer the above questions directly.  They’re the things that build your brand and solidify your place within your market more overtly than any other materials.

If you need deliverables that you can present or send to prospects as well as deliverables that you can present to clients once an engagement begins, you need Shumway, Ink.  Shumway, Ink.’s technical writing services will help you win clients, keep them engaged, and influence them to remain long-term partners.

Breakdown of Benefits

Shumway, Ink. develops sales and marketing content that can be used to create:

  • ads for placement in magazines and websites,
  • brochures and flyers that can be used at events, delivered via direct mail, and added to your website,
  • sales or media kits that can be used to deliver information regarding specific offerings and technical requirements to clients before or after an engagement begins,
  • high-impact sales letters and sales presentations that can be delivered via direct mail, e-mail, or webinars,
  • unique direct mail pieces, such as announcements, invitations, and thank you notes,
  • banners, displays, and signage that can be used for a variety of purposes, and
  • sales-driven product packaging.

Shumway, Ink’s corporate content can be used to create:

  • professional requests for proposal/pricing (RFP) questions and responses,
  • technical manuals that can assist in-house users and client users,
  • training materials that support training programs,
  • style guides that can help streamline sales approaches and improve operations,
  • high-quality deliverables that will continue to impress clients after an engagement begins, and
  • deliverables for your clients to use for their own purposes.

Notable Accomplishments

Sales & Marketing Materials

Shumway, Ink. developed a sales presentation for a small company that the company was able to turn around and use as a brand builder that influenced everything from the conception and design of its new website to its everyday client communications.

Corporate Materials
A B2B company that provides customer service training services was having difficulty developing streamlined RFP responses.  The company offers its services to multiple markets.  Responding to RFPs often requires input from several of the company’s departments.  Shumway, Ink. edited the company’s RFP responses over the course of several months until standard RFP responses for each industry the company serves were completed.  The company is now able to copy/paste edited portions of completed RFPs and parcel together new RFP responses in hours rather than in days or weeks.  Shumway, Ink. now proofs the company’s RFPs instead of performing full-blown RFP edits.